My name is Paddy McGrath and I’m a freelance photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. I have a passion for all things automotive and photography so becoming a car photographer was pretty much the easiest decision I have ever had to make. I feel very privileged to have been able to make a living from doing what I love, and travelling the world in the process. I enjoy a challenge and am always available to talk about any project that you might be working on. It doesn’t have to be car related either.

For 2017, I’ve been documenting the adventures of the Worthouse Drift Team during their debut season in Formula Drift. You can check out the story so far on Speedhunters, where I proudly work as Commercial Editor & Senior Contributor.

For further information, for rates and for bookings, or even just a friendly chat, please feel free to contact me on:

phone: +353 (0)87 1311 404
facebook: facebook.com/pmcgphotos