Caddy Life

For all three of you (Hi Mammy) who regularly visit here, I apologise profusely for the lack of updates and content. Needless to say the last month or two have been entirely taken over on the biggest project I’ve ever worked on which will hopefully be unveiled to the world quite shortly. In the meantime I have been out and about shooting and plan on filling you in on my adventures over the last couple of weeks. Some of you may know of my rather strange infatuation with my beloved ‘Sudsy’ better known as a 2005 Volkswagen Caddy TDI. Sudsy was my first and she will be here to stay for quite some time.

I’ve wanted to use Sudsy as a promotional vehicle for myself for quite a while but instead of covering the van in my company name and logos, I decided to try and approach it a different way. Instead of splashing the van with graphics I decided I’d try and make Sudsy stand out from the crowd by subtly modifying its appearance. The pictures of the transformation are after the jump …

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