Honda Civic Type R

One of my favourite parts of my job is the unpredictable nature of it. It’s a very rare occurrence for any two days to involve the same thing. It also means that you generally need to be prepared for anything and be able to adapt to any given situation. I had been previously in touch with Tonto about shooting his car but for whatever reason, it never happened. That was until we bumped into each other at a drift practice day last May. I had attended the event with the intentions of shooting the on-track action but with the day that was in it, I knew we had to make the most of it. I usually like to prepare for feature shoots or any sort of an in-depth look at a car for a couple of days beforehand. I also like to use external flashes and light modifiers but this was one of those occasions where I needed to channel my inner-Linhbergh and shoot au naturale.

A back-to-basics shoot is always a much more enjoyable experience. You have less to worry about and can concentrate on composition and other ideas. A fast shoot with a fast and light processing session. If only they could all be like this …

Honda Civic Type RPaddy