Making Things Work – 2000 Honda S2000

Whilst I’ve been shooting a lot of manufacturer PR & commercial work as of late, I still get the biggest thrill whilst shooting editorial commissions. Because budgets are low,¬†everything is nearly always shot in a run and gun sort of manner. It’s exciting though and ensures that no two shoots are alike.

After being – literally – run out of the first location, we took to the streets to try and recover the time lost. It’s always tricky in these situations as you need to find a suitable location but also one that’s quiet¬†enough to shoot in comfort and without background distractions. When your dealing with the streets in a capital city, these two requirements are quite often mutually exclusive.

Through the sheer brilliance of social media, we were able to get suggestions from people within the locality. Within maybe half an hour of being ejected from the first location, we were back shooting on a street less than kilometre away. For me, one location is rarely enough and I’ll always try to get another in if at all possible. This time though, instead of social media, we relied upon the local knowledge of a taxi driver who advised us of not only another location, but where there was also a break in the bollards where we could get the S2000 through.

You just cannot beat local knowledge.


Honda S2000 RW PMcG-4

Honda S2000

Honda S2000 RW PMcG-1

Honda S2000 RW PMcG-2

Honda S2000 RW PMcG-3

Photographed for Japanese Performance Magazine (UK)



Making Things Work - 2000 Honda S2000Paddy