The Goodwood Revival

Every September, something amazing happens in the south of England. About an hour outside of London, a place called Goodwood – famed for its annual Festival of Speed – is transported back in time, for what is probably the greatest automotive show on earth. Even describing the Revival as a “show” is an injustice. It’s an experience like no other – from the car park to the paddock, it’s as close to time travel you can get without the need for a¬†flux capacitor.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend for the last three years, but each time I’m always left in awe. This year however, I wanted to approach the event differently. Originally, I was to attend the event as a casual spectator with no obligations and had planned to shoot with a 35mm rangefinder. However at the last minute, I was commissioned for a story by Speedhunters which put a small spanner in the works. If I was to shoot film, I would immediately need to have it developed and scanned for me which would eat into my deadline. Any potential problems that could arise would be disastrous. I ended up resorting to shooting the event with two digital SLRs, using only prime lenses. I would process the images afterwards to mimic aged film which took much more time than it should have. Originally, I included a lot of texture in the edit – dust, scratches etc. along with some OTT light leaks. I pretty much immediately regretted this but needed to push on with the story as the deadline rapidly approached. However, in the meantime I’ve been able to re-visit the photographs and re-edit them to a standard that I’m much happier with.

They’re certainly not perfect nor was it an an ideal situation, but I can’t remember the last time everything worked out as planned. Having had the chance to contemplate the event, the concept of using modern equipment to pay homage to a greater era is probably a lot closer in spirit to what the Revival stands for that I first thought. I’m still bringing my rangefinder next year though …

L’Atmosphere at the Revival on


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