Waterford United Vs. Liverpool FC

Those of you who frequent here may be a little bit alarmed at seeing something non-automotive related. Those of you that know me however will know that behind the racing fuel for blood, there’s a life long Liverpool FC supporter. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at shooting football and when the opportunity arose to shoot my first match and shoot Liverpool, there wasn’t a whole lot that could keep me away.

The biggest challenge in shooting football is the erratic nature of the action on pitch. When shooting motorsport, you generally know what direction the action is coming from and what direction it’s heading in but with football you really need to try and read the players and their movement off the ball. It was a fantastic challenge, one which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was pretty tough trying to shoot some fast shutter action in low light conditions too, a real workout for both camera bodies and lenses. A big thanks to Ken Sutton for showing me the ropes, I hope I can make it back out soon for another game in the near future.

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Waterford United Vs. Liverpool FCPaddy