Anne & Joe, December 2013

I’ve stood feet from death on many occasions at race circuits, but nothing scares me quite like shooting a wedding. Especially when said wedding is that of two close friends. The responsibility of shooting two people’s most important day is something that I’ll never take lightly. There are no reshoots, no second chances and no opportunities for mistakes. With that said, it’s a challenge to relish. Although the day is long, time flies by so quickly as you move from one place to the next trying to stay on top of the story of the whole day. There’s so much more to any wedding than just the ceremony and the afters, and it’s finding these little details is the part I enjoy the most. From the preparations to behind the scenes to documenting the people involved. Every moment is worth capturing. Who knows, there might be more of these on the horizon…

Anne and Joe, I hope you both live a long and happy life together. I’ll try make it to¬†Bathurst¬†Brisbane someday.

Anne & Joe, December 2013Paddy