FIA GT at Paul Ricard / Saturday Qualifying & Race

The Saturday of the FIA GT event at Paul Ricard saw me take to the trackside for most of the day. In sweltering 35+°C temperatures, it was a challenge lugging around a 400mm 2.8 prime attached with a 1.4X extender to the 1D. However, Paul Ricard is a vast circuit and even at 500+mm you can still struggle for focal length. The track is unique in that it does not have any gravel traps. Instead, it employs the use of the Blue Line Concept. The concept utilizes different surfaces with increasing levels of grip to slow down the cars. The areas marked with blue stripes have more grip than the race surface and gently slow the car whilst the red areas aim to stop the cars. The following shots are from the Saturday qualifying and race sessions.

by Paddy McGrath for

FIA GT at Paul Ricard / Saturday Qualifying & RacePaddy