unveils Wexican Motorsport SX-20

Wexican Motorsport SX-20 is proud to unveil the 2009 Wexican Motorsport SX-20, a two-litre, turbocharged, Nissan powered, Toyota Altezza for road and promotional purposes. has worked very closely with Wexican Motorsport to design a custom livery to help show off this astounding custom built car.

The car is powered by a Nissan SR-20 DET engine, outputting 400 horsepower. The widearch kit was custom designed and built by Wexican Motorsport to house the traditional WM baby-blue 18″ Work wheels. The rear of the car is framed with an Origin Europe GT Wing and Wexican Motorsport undercar diffuser with a full underbody tray.

The car boasts a full interior, including a CD-player and air conditioning. To protect the driver and passengers during demonstration runs and trackdays, the car has been fitted out with a full roll cage and Takata green harnesses.

Martin Ffrench, owner of Wexican Motorsport said that he ‘is delighted with how the car has turned out. We have created a vehicle that looks as good as it goes. It’s awesome’

The car is part of a three car team. This the SX-20 has been built for road and light track use, whilst the eagerly anticipated SX-22 track car is about to under-go a full Kevlar rebuild courtesy of Carbon Fusion, with a target weight of sub-900kg and 450 horsepower. The SX-22 will make its debut in late 2009.

Wexican Motorsport would like to thank their sponsors for all their kind help and support; Titan Autoworks, Carbon Fusion, Origin Europe, Plastics 4 Performance, Japanese Performance & HSD Ireland, Gorbachov Music, Kiltorcan Raceway, WKD Imports, Dragon Performance, Touge Heroes, Speedhunters and unveils Wexican Motorsport SX-20Paddy