Gatebil Rudskogen Part One

The last couple of months have been truly memorable. Not only as a photographer but also as a petrolhead. I’ve had theĀ privilegeĀ of shooting some of the best events on the planet, events that only a year or two earlier were only but a dream.

I know that things as good as this never last long, but I’m ensuring that I’m enjoying every last moment and having no regrets along the way. It’s not everyday you wake up in your dream job and I can’t thank the Speedhunters and Need for Speed teams enough for allowing me the privilege of working with them. This is the first of two parts from the Gatebil Rudskogen, an event which was held about two hours north of Oslo at the end of July. The word insanity doesn’t even come close to describing Gatebil. More images, as usual, after the jump …


Gatebil Rudskogen Part OnePaddy